“Peter Sunde arrested.” – WTF!?

Peter Sunde’s arrest (he was one of the candidates for European Commission presidency) is a worldwide symbol for the revelation of actual politics ignoring and missing the social inferiors of the ongoing digital developments. Anything other than his immediate release would be a scandal.

He has my full support.

Here some Information and a short post in Pirate Times. Here is an article in The Guardian: “Despite the Swedish court case, the website is still functioning. On its website, Pirate Bay says it is now run by a different organisation and is registered in the Seychelles.”

You can arrest one person. But you can’t arrest an idea.

And here is a great Interview of Peter with the magazine “Wired”.

“You can’t beat politics with new technology all the time. Sometimes you have to actually make sure that politics are in line with what people want. A lot of people are giving up on politics and thinking they can solve issues with technology. These kind of arrogant behaviours towards the rest of the society are a bit disgusting.”

And here are some statements of Pirates on his arrest:

Rick Falkvinge

Julia Reda

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